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Great atmosphere, graphic and music.

Controls were very fun and I'm in love with the whole aesthetic of the game.
Hope to see more !

lovely game with a different and unique style

gameplay pt-br

Really good job on the visuals. 

It nails the PS1 aesthetic (also in the sound effects) more than most! (the human model itself, though, felt a bit too curvy)

Really enchanting atmosphere. I especially adore the little station interior. 

The gameplay was very satisfying. I really enjoyed the movement and all the mechanics! The soundscapes and graphics were just perfect.

Great job! 10/10


Please... someone tell me, that it's  not scary, I want to play but not sure what I will find, (I ask because I have heart issues, and don't want to die in the play and try)


All I can say is that you won't die. Try it out, you'll have a good time :D



both heartwarming and obscure at the same time! really nice game and very creative. i was expecting something bad to happen at the end

dayum lols :3

in the dink

Loved this game, very charming. Little details make it work great, like the simple but effective dynamic music.

Ice is a blight upon this world!

Amazing game!


This game was delightful!


I really enjoyed playing this game, loved the style, and loved the unique mechanics you introduced. Also I love the refreshing end to a Christmas game. Thank you so much for sharing!

I played this for my YouTube, if you'd like to check it out in another tab then follow this link!


Madvent run of this game, very atmospheric and dope ->



I loved playing this in Madvent Calander 3. Ran smooth on my potato, controlled smoother, and the level design was interesting enough to keep me invested. I would LOVE an entirely fleshed-out game just like this.


really loved this, and the ending was great.

your pal,



I thought it would be a scary work in terms of atmosphere, but I really like the warm and fuzzy story at the end.

I also liked the operation of the submarine.


I played your game through the Madvent Calendar and I loved it! Sent me back to my childhood navigating through those pesky water levels!


Good game. Nice visuals and gameplay.


This was lovely! I love the idea of a submarine metroidvania. It feels so polished! I expected something to go wrong at the end, but everything was just so nice. I love these little guys :)


Made a video


Loved the PSX style, the game was really fun and intuitive. Great job!


cool game