A quick prototype to test ideas for a larger project. Please let me know what you think in the comments!

Angel model graciously provided by Modus Interactive.

* If input isn't working make sure Caps Lock is off. Game only tested in Chrome and Firefox.


Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorRyan Trawick
Made withThree.js, PixiJS
Tags3D, Abstract, Arcade, Bullet Hell, Experimental, Fast-Paced, Low-poly, PSX (PlayStation), Singleplayer, weird
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast


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Very cool. Amazing graphics and music. I felt that sometimes when I hit the eye and bounced back, there was no way to actually hit a triangle on the way down and I'd just lose 2 or 3 lives in a row and have to restart. Maybe the bounce back from hitting the eye should be higher to ensure the player can make it even if they cleared the lower layers.

Cool looking game! Died a couple of times trying to figure out wth was going on, but I think it's part of the natural process of any game really, especially when it's short!

It's hard to figure out how far you actually are from the eye/triangles though. I've noticed the height bar but I don't actually feel like it helps much lol (I don't have a lot of time to look at it while playing)

Chara design is very similar to Sewerslvt's avatar, don't know if that's a reference or anything, but maybe adding a few more unique features would make them less similar..


Landing on bouncy eye thing takes away 1/3 life.

You must then bounce on triangles until "enter" shows up, then bouncing on the eye will clear the triangles and make new ones show up. 

Bouncing on Grey triangles is good since the bar is going up, but bouncing on green triangles gives you a bonus on how fast the bar fills up, bouncing on Red triangles takes energy away. When energy is filled up "enter" is allowed.

Not sure if circles firing are related to "enter" showing up, but I think you need to evade the circles? I feel like I bounced off one of them?

You can also "overheat" meaning that the chance to enter goes away ie the energy bar goes back below 100% 

I think that is the whole game, maybe I missed something else?


1) make health heart shaped and put 3 of them OR add a visual energy shield to the girl that fades.

2) Different sounds for the 3 triangle bounces

3) Do we need the height bar ? I'm not sure it provides any usefulness?

4) Add a shadow right below girl, so you can more easily tell when you are above a triangle.

5) add a leaderboard ?

6) otherwise if no leaderboard, then add something to make it worth surviving ?

7) make a visual change on eye bouncy thing to denote enter is open, like change color of eye to green ?

8) maybe make something that restores 1 health ?

9) add effects for overheat, so its visual too. 

10) more music ?

You're an excellent playtester, thank you for the feedback. Everything you suggested is on my improvements list. :)

Great prototype. Deserve a full release.

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took me a minute to understand what I needed to do but the concept is really cool

Would be nice to have an intro, yeah. Bouncing should clear bullets, at least if they're above you, as it's annoying to bounce backwards into bullets you can't see. Also it doesn't monopolize your controls, so moving up and down in-browser makes the page scroll

Best score: 1020


I love the visual aesthetic, but it doesn't really make sense. I figured out that you want to bounce off the triangles, but this isn't explained and doesn't feel right. It also looks like she is getting hurt. Also, the controls are really clunky and hard to use. It seems choppy and it's hard to move. It would be better if you could smoothly rotate around and not feel like you are fighting the camera. Also more visual cues that what you are doing is good or bad. It's hard to tell right now if you are supposed to go into the eye or not. But it's a great start, and the visuals are there, you just need to work on the gameplay.

Also I get an error while trying to connect through a VPN:

Firefox: Unable to connect

An error occurred during a connection to v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net.

Brave: v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net refused to connect.

Not a big deal, just thought I'd mention it.


It's not clear that the grid of green of orbs is harmful, they look a lot like collectibles. They also move in a way that makes it hard to gauge their height relative to the triangles. They could be saved for a later stage, because the core of the game is fun and addictive, but a little too hard to get into the flow of right away.

Some positive feedback sounds would be great, like when you Enter.

After clearing a stage it would be nice if the field was cleared, so you couldn't accidentally die when trying to Enter.

Many of my deaths happen immediately after Entering, when there aren't enough triangles below me due to random spawning.

It might be cool to add a drop button, kind of like Tetris, where you can slam your body into a triangle once you've lined it up.

The bar on the side is confusing and not something that I can pay attention to while playing, so I'm not sure what it means. It feels like the height indicator is backwards; it should move down when the player falls, not up, because you're being pulled down by gravity.

It's not immediately clear what the red and green triangles do. The green triangle spawning a hazard is confusing, usually green means good.

Really cool concept. I've always liked these "bounce higher" games but this is the first 3D one I've seen.

While a bit disorienting at first its a neat concept for a boss fight.

Does it get harder as you progress? Couldn't really tell.


Needs an explainer introduction. The mechanic would be self explanatory in 2D but this 3D presentation is unfamiliar. "Bounce higher using triangles" would suffice. 

The bounce itself sounds like it's hurting the character no matter where you land, kinda confusing. There should be clearer audio feedback about what actions are good vs bad. The crunch of a positive land is ambiguous at least at first. 

The monster/environment should change in an obvious way when it's time to enter. maybe the music should change or everything changes color.  Could the triangles hurt you when the mode flips into 'enter'? 

Input feels clunky in a bad way tbh. You're aligning cardinally on a sphere, maybe mouse input would feel more thrilling. Orbital momentum could also be interesting. If mouse input makes it too easy, well that's more opportunity to make the triangles and bullet hell effects tougher.