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Following the death of her mother, Risu Ishikawa goes to live with her estranged father, but her new home holds a dark presence.

In this short-form, atmospheric, survival horror game, players guide Risu with traditional platformer controls to escape an ever-changing liminal space. While hiding from grotesque monsters you must find items and solve puzzles to find your way out of the nightmare that has befallen you.

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  • A dark, character-focused narrative
  • Old-school survival horror puzzles
  • Original soundtrack by KFC Murder Chicks
  • High-detail, Japanese-architecture soaked in CRT fuzz
  • A mysterious and ever-shifting landscape to unravel

Originally developed for the HPS1 Architectural Horror Game Jam, it has since been expanded into a larger project.


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Risu Demo - HPS1 Demo Disc Version 57 MB

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Buen juego, buena dinamica, juegazo


23:18 game starts but very interesting game i was so lost at the end im like huhhhh but i realized its cuz its a demo but veryyy good game i like the style and everything :)

Hey friends! Hope you enjoyed the video as much as I enjoyed the Demo. Can't wait for the full game! 

I had fun playing this!

I hope ur still working on this! sending my love

Not sure why but my screen freezes when I run the demo.



Easily my favorite demo off of the PS1 haunted demo disk 


You're my favorite kind of artist, and this is my favorite kind of experiece. If/when we get a full game, I'll be first in line to make the purchase. Kudos.
Risu Demo Full Playthrough - Indie Horror Spotlight #9 - YouTube


Really great atmosphere! i felt a little oppressed by the background ambience and got a bit shaky, making this a great second lets play for me as a beginner!


hi, big thx for the great demo. greetings from rosti ๐Ÿ™๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿ˜˜


Really enjoyed checking this out! Can't wait for full release!!


The PS!/Silent Hill Vibes were great in this.

We hope you get to do a full game :)


I can't wait for the full game to come out! This was an amazing demo.


Just tried the demo on Steam Next Fest and I'm gonna say this is just amazing. The atmosphere, the retro looks, the movement / gameplay just feels perfect for me as a player. Also I love that ending at the end of the demo :D. Looking forward to the full release of the game!


Damn this game is soo good, and music and boss are other level!


I recommend to play the Demo then watch the video to avoid spoilers!!!

Dude I just finished the game and I want to say this was a nice surprise. I want to start with the controls it's really nice even though it's retro but the character moves great. The atmosphere is scary and well done. The puzzles are fun to do and the setup being in a Japanese school just made it even better (Maybe because I love anime). I wish the experience was longer and right when it was getting good the demo ended and left me want more. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS DEMO Try it out it's good stuff!  

As someone who really loves Silent Hill, this game was amazing. It's very well made and I'm looking forward to play the full game! ^_^


Thank you!


definitely waiting for the full game, really well done:)


Nice and Cool Game!!


This reminds me of Twilight Syndrome  on the PS1, love the aesthetic of it!

This game looks so sick and I wanted to play it so much, but sadly I got some issues :( After "Well" line nothing happens, music is still going. I'm pressing all the buttons on my keyboard but nothing happens.


Hello! Thank you for informing me, I have uploaded a new build that should fix the issue, let me know if it still happens!


Wish-listed. Looking forward to a crack at a demo in the future.

Even better if I could run it on my PlayStation/PSP (I can dream).