Made in 10 days for Bullet Hell Jam 2022. The theme was 'Confined'.

Best played with mouse or touch screen, but WASD/Arrows to move and Z/X/C/Space to shoot works too.

I couldn't make time to create sound and music, so maybe listen to one of these tracks while you play:

Koï - Lime:

In Love With a Ghost - I Was Feeling Down, I Found a Nice Witch and We're Friends:

☆ - Slow Magic:

Only tested on Firefox.


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i love this so much! i feel like i'm in control about anything but in reality i'm bound to strict rules and have to pay for my actions :o

wow this is....brilliant. What a great idea for a mechanic. 

When i realized what the gimmick was I was like yoooo thats crazy. Good work!

This is amazing!! It's so simple but at same time full of possibilities, I kept being surprised and challenged, and I loved it. You did an excellent job, wish you good luck on the jam!

P.S.: Played it on my phone using Chrome, it worked nicely. I'd only suggest to add some way to resize the screen. 


In all honesty this game is super creative, love the way you incorporated the drawing into the game, it was so clever!