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This is a recreation of P.T. done in the HyperCard software. Some stuff is stripped back, some stuff is added; you'll just have to play to find out.

Made during the Merveilles #HyperJam.

Post-jam version polished up for #HPS1Jam and #AbandonJam.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(49 total ratings)
AuthorRyan Trawick
GenreCard Game
Made withGIMP, Unity, Blender
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Horror, Lo-fi, Pixel Art, Retro
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast, One button
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Hyper P.T. (Post-Jam Version) (Windows) 2 MB
Hyper P.T. (Post-Jam Version) (Mac) 2 MB
Hyper P.T. (Post-Jam Version) (Linux) 2 MB

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Como muitas pessoas, não tive a oportunidade de jogar P.T. - um game que de tão inacessível é praticamente lost media para a maioria. Então meu parâmetro para Hyper P.T. é o que vi e ouvi falar do game, não minha experiência com ele. De certa forma, ao jogar o demake estou ao mesmo tempo pensando em como seria a experiência original e analisando como o jogo desconstrói e reconstrói essa experiência teórica num hardware muito mais antigo.

Esse tipo de raciocínio é interessante mas também não muito frutífero, eu diria. Em vez de fazer comparações com experiências teóricas que nunca tive e provavelmente não terei, é mais fácil ver Hyper P.T. como uma experiência por si só, ignorando por um segundo que ele tenta recriar um jogo anterior.

Nessa perspectiva, diria que Hyper P.T. é um jogo muito bem sucedido em utilizar as ferramentas de um Mac antigo (nesse caso, o HyperCard, espécie de PowerPoint ancião) para criar uma experiência de terror genuína. As limitações técnicas são até um benefício para o game, com o visual deixando a imaginação preencher lacunas e a falta de som com apenas beeps ocasionais dando um ar bem sombrio. Parece até um game saído direto de um creepypasta. Curto e macabro, excelente para o mês de halloween!

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artistic expression wonderfully following a path

limited time resources given lack of attentive detail

short glaring retold story frighten recourse completion

held beliefs vividly truncate visual experience with delight

As neat as it is to see PT this way it loses a lot without the sound and music from the original.  But I do love these old black and white Mac games. I hope you might take your passion for this and make an original game in this style.


Thoroughly enjoyed this game! What an amazing concept recreating PT in Hypercard. The gameplay is awesome and, despite not having any audio, there were still some jump scares during it. It would be great to see more like this. I thought I’d include your game as part of my “scary games” compilation. Yours is number 2. 

I think im the first person to do it but i played through your game on a real Macintosh SE! I loved the idea of running a horror/silent hill game on it so i got it working on there.

Wow! That's so cool, thanks for sharing!

I couldn't get this to start up, mini vmac just wouldn't respond on startup. It's a shame, this looks really cool

You have to deal the Macintosh ROM and then game image onto Mini vMac.

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-Made a Video.

"very cool, i like the graphics."

This was so cool!! I love the old style and the limited-palette graphics !

I really want to play it, but I'm having trouble getting the disk image read on my PC. What version of vMac is this for?

A version of vMac is included in the download. Launch it and drag-and-drop the .dsk file onto it.

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I was able to play it on Linux and it's a really, really cool adaptation of a 3D system in Hypercard. Thank you for making it!

Very neat!

this was really cool!! i love that games for old systems are still being made :))


I loved the original way that the graphics were presented to you, having it be made in something that requires an emulator to run makes it feel extra special in a weird way.


Another proof that Konami shouldn't have abandoned the original project.

What's important is that you did a great job, especially if we pay attention to the visual features. Very original, since it's not often seen in other games.

We'd love to see more of your work, since you have so much talent to offer.

Congratulations ^^


Oh boy what a pain it is to quit


Thank you so much for recreating PT, playing it bring back good memories. here is my try on youtube

I got too scared to finish it tonight. Really. Maybe I'd best try again in daylight :)

This was the one of the best horror games I have ever played. I found myself anxious waiting for Lisa to be around the next corner. This is definitely one of the top 5 horror games I have played (And I've played the real P.T.)

thanks MYST devs

I have to say - this was really, really fun! I never got to play PT but once you get into this after a minute you almost forget it's a point and click. I loved pretty much everything about this.


Wow, that was amazing! Growing up in the early 90's, HyperCard games were all I played on my old Mac Performa. When I first found your game, I thought you had just recreated the "feel" of a HyperCard game in a modern engine, but you actually created an authentic HyperCard game.

Amazing job! Not only was this a faithful recreation of PT, it was just as creepy and you managed to do it in a long forgotten style. Wonderful!


This is wonderful. Out of all the PT remakes, this one is, ironically, the closest to capturing the feel of the original. It's because this remake is so unexpected and alien that it's able to do that. I wish there were more "creative re-imaginings" of PT like this.

I felt genuinely nervous waiting for Lisa to pop out. I think that speaks a lot to how inherently well-designed PT is, and also to how smart it was to use this platform to recreate it. The stripped-back style is frightening in its own way. "Hearing" the radio—and reading the photograph—in text popups brought back a wave of nostalgia. 



Cool! I'm impressed how you managed to evoke the feeling of the original game with the limited palette. I even had almost as much trouble with the end puzzle here as I did with the original PT.

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Wow, I thought you couldn't get this game anymore. How do I boot the game up?

There's a how-to in the readme, but basically just launch Mini vMac and drag the HyperPT.dsk file onto it and then open the P.T. stack on the virtual Apple II desktop.

This looks so cool. Have you talked about how you developed it anywhere? I'd love to learn how to use hypercard


That's a good idea, I'll try to make some time to do a little writeup.


Hey, I made a post in the devlog about it!


Thank you so much! There was a brief period where I thought about making a horror game that looked like this because I loved the games Shadowrun and Deja Vu for the Mac but it was just too hard to do that art, especially because I'm so inexperienced with that kind of stuff.

se puede jugar en windows ?

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Usted puede.


This is so cool. Wish I had a mac! 


You can actually play it on anything! I packaged up the newest version with the Apple II emulator.